Burying the “Have To Do” List

What does one write about after a long period of nothingness? I have barely kept up with a personal journal and it has been well over a year since I wrote a blog post. I could do a life update but that is going to take a lot more energy and will be best fitting after I ease into this familiar yet new space. Please bear with me as I make changes to this space over the next few weeks. I am not going to erase old posts but archive them so my blog can grow and evolve much as I have been doing the past few months. I will likely make the past year a series of reflective posts as we go into the new year. For now, I wanted to say a gentle hello and remind you of something that helps me during those tough days where everything seems to cause irritability. Re-framing. Specifically “I have to” to “I get to”. This simple shift in vocabulary makes all the difference in any situation. Even something as simple as I get to clean the cat box. I get to do this chore because I have the most beautiful two cats that live with me and love me and snuggle me every night. They bring so much joy to my life, the least I can do is make sure their space is clean. I get to go to work today. I am lucky to have a job that overall I love and I get to help people navigate their cancer journeys. I get to go to the dentist today. I have the privilege of receiving this care that many do not. I encourage you to try re-framing your own situations this week even if it sounds silly. It is really a practice of gratitude which of course is a theme central to this time of year. It also has the added benefit of making me pause and really think about what I am doing in the present moment. So there you have it, short and sweet for my return to blogging. Thanks for reading and if you want to comment let me know what you “get” to do this week 🙂 

One thought on “Burying the “Have To Do” List

  1. I get to find a new endocrinologist – mine is retiring and I get to be happy for him and the next chapter in his life. It isn’t always about me! Thank you for the perspective check❤️

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