Over the past couple of weeks I have completely stepped out of my comfort zone….live streaming! I don’t know about other introverts, but there is part of me that craves social interaction. I think it is human nature to crave connection. But the less social interaction I have, the harder it becomes to force myself to put myself out there and interact. Anyone else? This has become even more of a challenge over the past year since I moved far away from where I grew up and everything I was accustomed to. This is where steaming comes in. I joined the twitch community! For those unaware, streaming is very large for gaming, but it is continuing to grow into other creative areas including cooking, art, even just chatting. Essentially I can interact with people live while I am doing something I need to get done or something I enjoy. I use it to cook or bake mainly, but I would love to grow into various art mediums or even some gaming as well.

This past week I (with A LOT of support from my significant other) have been utilizing a new camera, lighting, and different stream lab platforms to make my channel creative and fun! A few months ago I would have never thought this would be something I might enjoy. It still causes me some anxiety going live but honestly it has allowed me to connect with family across the county as well as start to meet and connect with others who share my same hobbies. There has been another surprising benefit as well: it reinforces the importance of my recovery from the eating disorder. It allows me to have a separate focus apart from the food. Yes I am still cooking food, but I am interacting with people and making the cooking process more “bearable” on those days where I am struggling and when it is the last thing I want to do.

Don’t get me wrong, writing is still my go to and I will be continuing to ramp up this blog, but I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and try new things if you have always wanted to. I know it is the cliche “life is short” but really, do one thing everyday that you want to do even if it seems ridiculous or scary. The whole process has been a learning experiment and a fun change from my day to day! Even my name (the title of this post) came about because of a joke. I wasn’t sure if was going to like streaming or get into it so I wasn’t going to fully commit to naming my channel ‘a mindful penguin’ like my other social media so one day we were driving around and at the very same moment my man asked me what I would name my channel we drove by a sign that said frozen blueberries. I thought that was odd so I said aloud frozen blueberries and he thought I was responding to his question and we started cracking up. Plus it is food related so I went with the theme! I would like to be open on my channel and talk about mental health as well but I think I will keep it frozenblueberries because it is a fun change. Check Twitch or Mixer out if you are looking at other ways to connect to people. Even going on to other people’s channels is rewarding because you can interact with people live all over the world.

I will keep you updated, but I can already tell it has had a postive impact on my mental health and confidence!

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