Lost Muffins

I found myself incredibly frustrated the other morning. I was driving to school and reached over into my bag where earlier that morning I had placed two homemade blueberry muffins and to my astonishment (and instant irritation) they were nowhere to be found! I got to school and searched the entire car even though I knew it was illogical they could have made their way to the backseat. And the moment I gave into reality that they were nowhere near me, my boyfriend texted me a picture with a question mark and a picture of my lovely muffins in their bag in the middle of my living room floor. Damn. I was specifically craving these delicious muffins for the morning. I had to sigh and move on and eat a banana, peanut butter, and protein bar even though none of it sounded as appetizing as those muffins. This was one of those moments that makes me very appreciative of my recovery. In the past this would have either gone one of two ways. One- I would have found myself ecstatic that I had left behind my breakfast as it would be the perfect time to restrict. Two- It would have ruined my entire morning and I would be left trying to alter my meal plan and be very indecisive of my choices especially with no appetite. Recovery made me realized that although the situation wasn’t favorable, breakfast is required and even though I didn’t feel like eating what I had left, I did it anyway and moved on with my day. Little moments like this are a wonderful reminder that I am free.

One thought on “Lost Muffins

  1. I can definitely remember those days when one little thing would go wrong (like forgetting my breakfast at home), and it was as if someone turned my entire life upside down. Don’t get me wrong, I would still be pretty bummed if I left 2 homemade blueberry muffins at home, but it’s so nice to not get so flustered by such minuscule things anymore. Good for you for recognizing this. Life is so much more enjoyable when we can go with the flow!

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