The Power of Language

I was recently reminded that the language I use can shape the outlook of my entire day.  It is very true, but something I tend to forget, especially during periods of high stress.  I suggest replacing the words “I have to,” with “I get to.”  It is something that takes practice, but really turns my day around.  For example: “I have to go to class today.”  Rephrased: “I get to go to class today.”  All it takes is one word to completely change the context.  Although I may not want to go to a class, suddenly I am able to look at the bigger picture.  I get to go to class so I can learn and become proficient in an area I would like a career in.  I get to work towards my graduate degree to make money and provide for my family.  I get to sit in a room and socialize with other individuals working towards similar goals.  You can use this in all aspects of life.  If you are in a place where recovery is difficult and you “have” to eat, try rephrasing.  I get to eat so that I can (fill in the blank).  Or think about how amazing your meal is and what a pleasure it is to have fresh fruit or a favorite snack, etc.  Getting to experience eating is a lot more enjoyable than forcing yourself to eat.  This practice helps me get back into the habit of mindfulness.  It allows me to slow down and pause to think about the positives instead of hiding under an umbrella of stress.  I encourage you to try it next time you catch yourself saying you “have” to do something.

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