Vacation Day 2

This morning I woke up and enjoyed a wonderful cup of coffee on the deck of our friend’s house.  About ten feet from the house is forest and although I didn’t see any deer, the birds were all out and about.  Hummingbirds, blue jays, and cardinals and woodpeckers! I could sit outside all day and be at peace but I was getting hungry for breakfast.  I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the fridge to see Greek yogurt that I could mix with some granola cereal.  I also had a banana on the side which is definitely my favorite fruit.  It was great because although I am far from home I was able to have a normal breakfast.  After showering we headed out and walked around Colonial Williamsburg. I bought a new notebook from the campus book store at William and Mary college which made me extra happy because I was in need of a new one and I love writing.  I may be a bit newer to blogging but I am constantly writing away on paper.  We also stopped at an awesome peanut shop which had a bunch of free samples!  It is amazing the difference of me today between even a year ago.  A few years ago I wouldn’t have touched the chocolate covered peanuts.  Last year I would have calculated every calorie in them.  This year I thoroughly enjoyed the samples I wanted to try and went about the day without another thought.  They were so good and they had interesting flavors to try like dill pickle and spicy habanero!  We had lunch at a bar known as the Trellis where I ordered a mozzarella, roasted tomato, cucumber sandwich on a chibata roll.  It was very tasty and I was happy with that choice.  It was pretty filling for a lunch but I quickly forgot about that as we went about our day. After walking some more and seeing some of the historic sites we decided a pool was a great choice because it is HUMID here!  I come from a dry dry Colorado! The pool was a nice break in the day.  We cleaned up and went back into town to listen to an outdoor summer band playing 60s and 70s hits.  I had an egg salad pita with sprouts from the Cheese shop.  We sat out and ate and drank wine and listened to the awesome music.  I found myself not being as mindful as I wanted to be in the middle of the day but that quickly changed as I stopped and realized in what a remarkable place I really am.  I like to imagine what it was like to settle here or be a part of the Revolution.  I am also a big people watcher and it is fun to observe all the dancing and mingling.  I am definitely enjoying time with my sister! She is beginning her senior year of high school soon and will be eventually moving away.  It is nice to spend as much time as possible together.  To end the night we went to Baskin Robbins and I had a cone with an Oreo cake ice cream.  It was quite delicious and very welcome after a hot day.  I would by lying if food wasn’t on my mind but I have been able to let the stray thoughts pass right on by and enjoy my time.  I look forward to tomorrow’s adventures!


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