Vacation Day 1

2:45am.  That is when my alarm clock blared to life. Reluctantly I stumbled out of bed to two dogs eyeing me warily wondering what the hell I was doing up in the middle of the night. Although we were on the way to the airport to go on a nice vacation there wasn’t an ounce of excitement in me. I am not a fan of flying and I am always overly anxious.  I also hate eating before flying but my family was nice enough to get me half a bagel while I was going through the long security line.  We boarded and I spent the first flight listening to music and trying my hardest to sleep although I haven’t been calm enough to sleep on a plane since I can remember.  I was surprised that my level of anxiety did decrease and I was actually able to enjoy myself by the time we reached St. Louis.  I was even able to read and stop to enjoy the scenery at 30,000ft on the following flight to North Carolina.

 We then found our way to the rental car (I am traveling the first part of this trip with my dad, sister, and stepmom) and by then we were all starving!  Half a bagel doesn’t cut it for breakfast and trust me I eat a lot more when I’m not in fear of boarding a large metal object that soars through the air!  We settled on Chick-fil-a where I ordered my favorite chicken nuggets.  If you have followed some of my earlier posts I almost had another chicken nugget moment where instead of 8 they gave me 12! I was able to laugh it off and share some with my sister and be happy we had extra. On the road to Williamsburg, Virginia I was able to sleep for a couple hours.  We arrived at our friends and I was greeted with a beautiful Sauvignon blanc wine. Much needed after a stressful day of travel.  We just finished up an amazing meal of brocolli chicken cheese casserole and fruit salad.  It was a very nice homemade meal after a day of travel!  Now we are hanging around watching the Nationals game on TV and will probably turn in pretty early. After all the travel I am very happy to be here and the excitement is finally starting to sink in. I used to get frustrated when I didn’t know the plans but this time around I am just going with the flow and enjoying all the small moments.  

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