Summer 2015 Vacation Prep

Today has mostly been spent running around finishing errands and making sure everything is set for a week and a half long vacation!  The excitement hasn’t quite set in yet because I get very anxious packing and making sure everything is in order before leaving.  I am also not fond of flying in the least bit so that makes things a little more stressful.  Once I look past the actual traveling part I do get excited and just want to be there already.  Which in a sense is very different from my younger self.  Vacation was synonymous with dread.  Eating disorders and vacation don’t mix well.  Numerous vacations have been wasted worrying about food and stressing over exercise and not remembering them in the least.  Slowly but surely trips have begun to get easier and this one should be no exception.  Staying with friends helps lessen the anxiety around meals and although I know I will want to work out at some point, there is no pressure to have to.  I can fully enjoy the company and family and the food, although present, will not be the main focus.  I am actually looking forward to trying new foods.  I still have to remain vigilant of course and be mindful of my meal plan, but it is vacation and normal to indulge.   A recent win for me was buying not one, but two swimsuits for this trip.  I took my sister along and was determined to take my time and find something that I loved.  Turns out that I tried on two that I couldn’t decide upon which is a rarity, so I made the executive decision to get both.  I was a bit shocked that I found more than one and I actually liked what I saw in the mirror.  Yes it was uncomfortable but I set those feelings aside and I am very happy with the results.  I was not looking forward to the ocean or the pool before and now I can honestly say I am really excited!  It is a goal of mine to be more mindful of this vacation and enjoy all the little moments so I will probably be writing updates along the way.  Time to continue packing and mentally prepare for two flights, the first of which leaves at 5:30am!

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