Today’s Gratitude List

I haven’t taken the time lately to write a few things I am grateful for so I thought I would start out with that this morning!

  1. I am very grateful for a supportive family!  I have been especially grateful over the past few months because as I am regaining my life back, I realize the strain put on them over the years.  Now I can smile and know they are supporting me to live my fullest and fulfill my dreams.
  2. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunities presenting itself with my graduate program. I have spent the summer shadowing and learning from cancer exercise specialists and will get to start training my own clients in the fall.  How amazing!
  3. I am grateful for a reliable car. This really circles back to number one and my amazing family.  My sister and I have been juggling cars for the past three weeks so that I can commute up to my campus every week.  Bless her heart I know how being a teenager and not having a car all the time during the summer can be challenging, especially with how busy with both are.  So thank you sister.  And thanks to my dad for picking me up and dropping me places on occasion.  In a couple weeks I will be driving back from Oklahoma with a car that I am borrowing from my mom and they continue to blow me away with their continued support so that I can pursue my career.  It takes me over an hour to drive to class each day and my old car wasn’t going to cut it.  I know the best way to repay them all is to continue living life to the fullest and give graduate school my all.
  4. I am grateful to live in a place where I can explore the beautiful mountains with my boyfriend and pups. I look forward to another hike this weekend!  The best part is having all the energy in the world to explore.  There is nothing like seeing two happy tails jogging down the trail…that is until we get home and a bath is required!
  5. I am grateful that football season is getting closer!!! Training camp starts next week!!  I know it is only the end of July but I can already feel the fall approaching and look forward to Sunday being a football family day.  Plus I am going to kick ass in fantasy football after a pretty poor showing last season.

What are a few things you are grateful for today?

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