This week has been one I need to document and remember during the more difficult times.  This week I had a lot of energy and I have never felt stronger. I ate, I worked out. And everything was in balance and healthy.  This is very important to me because for the past few weeks I have been doing this (recovery and life) on my own without the direct support of my treatment team. After the passing of one of my pups in May things started slipping because I wasn’t taking care of myself properly.  But I stopped it. I stopped the slide all on my own. Generally I would work through whatever was going on in therapy and my therapist would point out my destructive tendencies and essentially “wake me up.” This is truly the first time that I did this all on my own. It isn’t something to gloss over because it is a very large accomplishment further proving to myself that I can be fully recovered.  I can take care of myself and stop those destructive thoughts. I have been mindful and in love with life this week and hope to carry this over as I get closer to starting a new season of life. For now I’m going to enjoy my accomplishments and continue to take care of myself and enjoy life.

One thought on “Accomplishment 

  1. I am so so proud of you for reflecitng on your accomplishments. I feel like recovery can be kind of focused on the negatives and the downfalls. But it’s important to realize that even in our times of struggling, we do have positive movement! It might be small, but everyday is a new start.

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