A Challenging Day

I’m not exactly a fan of doctor’s offices. Some doctors themselves are great, no doubt about that. Take my spinal surgeon for example. Thanks to him I just did a workout that included reps of 90lb power cleans. With zero pain or numbness!! That aside it can be very daunting to find and walk into a brand new office with my medical history. I won’t give you a personal run down of things, but a history that includes eating disorders, mood disorders and multiple surgeries can receive a lot of interesting nods from the nurses. 

Well I conquered that fear today and found a new primary care provider due to insurance changes. I’m actually happy that I forced myself to go and open up, but I was definitely a mess over it all morning. A doctor is a crucial part of my treatment team and should be a crucial component for everyone to have access to. No questions asked.  I could get into a long rant about America not having universal health care but I won’t. I could get into a longer rant on insurance and mental health coverage but I won’t. At least not today!

This post is simply me reflecting on the day and being relieved that I was treated with respect at this new office despite my diagnoses. It was a tough challenge that I conquered and I am better off for it. I came across a very interesting point of view today ironically. In an interview, Demi Lovato spoke about mental health and how there really shouldn’t be a difference between mental health and physical health. The brain is a physical organ so technically these illnesses are a physical health issue. Ah if only the medical world, insurance companies,  and general public would see it as such!

3 thoughts on “A Challenging Day

  1. If I read posts like this, or read / talk about the american health ‘care’ system in school or elsewhere, I tend to sometimes ask myself: how can you guys live over there? I couldn’t imagine going without a proper insurance system… And for people who really struggle, it can be the worst thing happening right? No insurance + a severe illness = financially ruined, which does not make it easier to get healthy…
    Maybe you think different but I just think I live in the ‘health care heaven’ compared to US citizens…

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    1. It’s a complicated and frustrating system to deal with and I definitely agree with you. I am one of the lucky ones who had parents with decent jobs so I have always had coverage even when we had to pay out of pocket. As I’m starting to navigate the system myself it really needs to change. I don’t even know where to start and I wish the government would get its act together but I don’t see that happening any time soon either. Thanks for reading and commenting. I see many struggle here for years that they shouldn’t have due to insurance issues.

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