Self Care

I have spent the day practicing a lot of mindfulness and self care.  May is a month I would quite like to move on from but I am very grateful for days like today.  I treated myself to a facial which was needed.  A little too much information – nothing like a lot of sweat to block up those pores! After a week of hard workouts today is a welcomed rest day.  I enjoyed a crisp iced caramel machiatto and sat down to do some more creative writings, an art form I abandoned over the tumultuous years. I find it hard to start up again but you have to start somewhere.  I have gone about the day at a slower pace and it is such a blessing.  Even now I sit and write this post outside in the warmth of the sun, dogs playing, nature surrounding me. I feel serene and in love with life. A day like this hasn’t happened in awhile so I am soaking it up and remembering that I have the capability to make every day as precious as this one if I slow down a bit. Remember what is truly important. Take some time today if only for a moment to soak up life, enjoy the warmth of the sun, the beat of your heart.  Just be still.  


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