The past week has been full of it’s ups and downs.  Grief has a way of washing over in waves.  Good one minute, complete depression the next.  I have amazing support around me though helping me move forward.  My favorite way to get my mind off of things has been my new geometric coloring book sent to me by my person, aka best friend.  Art of any kind, but especially painting and coloring, has a way of soothing me like nothing else can.  I can get lost in the colors for hours on end.  I have also had a few distractions like my sister’s birthday and going to the gym where I keep seeing gains and strength increases.  It is rewarding to be lifting again since my surgery and feeling stable.  Today has been the best day so far.  It was a beautiful morning and I worked in the yard and cleaned the house.  Doesn’t sound like a fantastic day, but it is very nice to relax in a clean house and be productive.  The important thing is that I am dealing with my loss in healthy ways.  This is a big test to my recovery and it does make me proud.  The biggest challenge has been continuing to eat even when I have zero appetite and nothing sounds good.  Mother’s Day was difficult because I am “mom” to my pups, but my awesome boyfriend made it special.  We took our other dogs out to the lake to hike and run around.  It was a lot of fun to see them run around wild in the mud.  They loved every second of that adventure until we got home and they had to get baths.  I continue to appreciate these special moments and am thankful for the support getting my by

.  strider nessie

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