A Tale of Two Burritos

Today is a good day.  I have a lot more good days than negative ones recently which comes as a huge relief.  And guess what?  I had a breakfast burrito for breakfast and I am also having a burrito for lunch!  That may not sound like an amazing feat of any kind but trust me this is something I have been trying to get more comfortable with.  Eating the “same” types of food on consecutive days or even consecutive meals has always made me very uneasy.  Just ask my boyfriend.  I will ask for his input on dinner and he wants mexican even though we just had mexican the night before.  I always thought he was the crazy one!  Or italian food, or the same type of meat, etc etc.  I never fully realized that this was a negative behavior until more recently when I realized that challenging it does cause anxiety.  I just figured I liked more variety when really I wasn’t allowing myself to be flexible.  It is one of those damn food rules that got stuck in my head somehow along the way and I never questioned it until recently.  It goes back to eating what I think I should versus what I really want.  Today I had a burrito planned for lunch because it sounded good.  When I got to work I was surprised with a breakfast burrito too.  At first I wasn’t going to eat the breakfast one but then I realized I wanted it.  Just because I had it didn’t mean I couldn’t have my other one for lunch too.  And the best part is that I am happy about it and not stressed.  The world is not going to end because I had two burritos today.  Trust me.  If anything these two burritos are going to help me kick ass in my workout and at practice later!

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