Sometimes it is just important to pause and be mindful of the things that you are grateful for in life.  This helps anchor me in the present and usually puts me in better mood moving forward.  Five things I am grateful for in this moment:

1.  The rain.  I love the rain and just taking five minutes outside to stop and smell it made my night even better.

2.  My sister.  She had an awesome competition today and qualified to go to nationals this summer.  She motivates me to continue to work hard in hopes that I will one day compete again.

3.  A day to sleep in.  Sometimes something as small as a couple extra hours of sleep can make all the difference in the world and I am sure grateful to have those extra hours tonight.

4.  Baseball season.  Coming home to a game on the tv where I find myself relaxing on the couch with my boyfriend and my puppies completes my night.  You may think this seems ridiculous to be grateful for, but it is the small things that make my life complete.  I used to not take time to be grateful for much because I was so miserable.  Now I am grateful for a lot of things, even the ones that might not seem special to others.

5.  A good crossword puzzle.  I recently have become absorbed in the New York Times crossword app and I love trying to solve the daily puzzles. 

This isn’t a long and intensive list of things I am grateful for, but that is the point.  Just to stop every once in a while and make a quick list.  What are five things you are grateful for in this moment?

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